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Unpolluted with the din & bustle of the town, Hojai Girls' College is located in a spacious compound of about two acres of land on the southern edge of Hojai Town. It is the lone institution that caters to the need for higher education for women in the southern part of Nagaon District and the entire parts of karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao District, where the need of such a female institution was long over due.

Women occupy the pivotal position in the society. The level of civilization of a society can be measured by the status of its women. The society whose women are empowered and respected is regarded as superior. So

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Our Mission

Women occupy a pivotal position in the society. The degree of civilization of a society can be measured by the status of women it renders. The society in which women are respected and empowered is regarded as superior. Keeping these ideals in mind the college is dedicated:

• To promote & spread the light of Education among girls particularly from rural and socio-economic backward sections of societies.
• To prepare the female students capable of facing all the challenges of time and help them to contribute to the development of society as well as Nation.
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Our Vision

• The vision of the College is to cater the educational needs of Girl child from the remote corner, tribal, rural, semi urban areas irrespective of all class, caste and creed.
• To cater the academic needs of girls especially of those, hailing from economically and socially weaker sections and to harness their innate possibilities, enrich them with human values.
• The college aims and is dedicated to empower its students and to posit with technological expertise.
• The college strives towards mol ding them to knowledge based skill that will envisage them as human resource for the nation.
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