Programme of Study

Best Motivation

The admitted students of the college caters following courses recognized by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council and the Gauhati University. 1.Higher Secondary in Arts Six semester course leading to B.A Degree in general & Major Course. Seat Limitations H.S. Arts- 200 seats T.D.C. Arts -200 seats Number of Seats in Major Course Assamese -15 Bengali-15 Economics-15 Education -15 English-15 Hindi-15 Political Science-15 Availibility of Subject in H.S. Arts The revised (NCERT) curriculum for +2 Stage in Arts Stream Availability of Subjects in H.S. Level (Arts) Compulsory 1.English 2.MIL (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi/Manipuri), Alt. English. 3.Environmental Studies (H.S.1st Year) Optional 1.Economics 2.Education 3.History 4.Logic 5.Political Science 6.Advance Language (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi/Manipuri) Availability of Subject in T.D.C. Level (Compulsory) 1.English MIL (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi/Manipuri), Alt. English. Major Subjects Assamese, Bengali, Economics, Education, English, Hindi, Political Science, History.

Elective Subjects

Economics, Education, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Elective Language (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi/Manipuri)

Vocational Subjects

1.Functional English 2. Functional Hindi Students who will Opt for Assamese, Bengali, English and Hindi Major they will not allowed to opt for Assamese, Bengali, alternative English and Hindi as MIL as elective subject. As per G.U. order dated 25/05/2011 students with language Major will take a non language subject that she is Majoring. For Example student with English Major will take other than Alt. English/ Elective English and Assamese major will take other than Assamese.

Additional Subjects

Compulsory for T.D.C. 3rd & 4th Semester Students. (As per instruction of Gauhati University on the advice of the Supreme Court Of India, a six month course in Enviromental studies has been made Compulsory for each of the 3rd & 4th semester students.)