Cells & Wings

Quality Assurance Machanism

The College Has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell to monitor and evalute teching, learning, extension and student support programmes conducted by the college. It ensures a healthy academic environment by analysing academic records of various departments. It functions as an advisor body to guide the college for improving the quality of service to the students.

Information & Career Guidence Cell (ICGC)

Established in 1991 the ICGC of Hojai Girls’ College is striving to disseminate all accessible information relating to career building of the students. It is making all possible attempts to harmonize the time honoured creative potentials of women of North-East with the newer and wider career options emerging in the fast- changing global scenario.

Womens’ Studies Cell

In the line of Womens’ Studies Center of Gauhati University, this college also established Womens’ Studies Cell in 2003. The Core objective of the cell is to foster gender studies, women empowerment and do away with gender inequality.

Cultural Development Cell

The cultural centre has been set up with the objective to introduce the students to the culture, values and intrinsic ideals at the local and national level. To this end,the centre organizes programmes to bring out the latent talents among the students and to recognize the local artists dedicated to working in this field. Working foor the cause of cultural & social development..