Rule & Regulationa

There will be six semester covering 03 years More weightage is given to internal assessment Internal assessment/evaluation=20% External (end semester) evalution=80% There shall be atleast one sessional exam in each semester. There is provision for clearance of absent or failed papers. There is provision for “Repeat” of any one of Major Papers in 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester.

General Rules

1.Regular attendance in classes is strictly compulsory. Students having attendance less than the requisite percentage (75% at present) in any subject will not be allowed to appear at final exam. Or will be declared non-collegiate as the case may be.

2.Participation in seminar is compulsory for the students having major course.

3.Change of subject in case of H.S. 1st yr Classes will not be allowed after one month from the last date of admission with late fine.

4.College uniform is compulsory for all the students.

5.A non- transferable identity card will be issued at that time of admission. Students must carry the card with them while in the college.

6.The students must try to maintain high standard of discipline inside the college campus.

7.Students must abide by all the rules and regulation prescribed by the college Authority from time to time. 8.If any students is found inside the archaeological park (near by the college )during college hours, her admission in the college shall be cancelled immediately.