Sport's Cell

The objective of this cell is to inspire students for physical and mental exercises for their fitness, enhancing the sportsman ship attitude. A contact detail of convener is available in the respective department section. To stay active and reach their potential in sport and fitness, the College authority has appointed the following –

1.Deepak Kumar Hazarika  -  Chairman,  Contact No. 9854703809 Principal i/c. 

2. Naba Jyoti Das   - Convener     Contact No. 9401211410 Assistant Professor Department of Assamese 

3. Mr. Kashinath Chauhan    - Member Assistant Professor  Department of Hindi 

4. Mr. Shankar Kumar Verma   - Member Assistant Professor Department of Hindi 

5. Dr. Sudip Choudhury  - Member Assistant Professor Department of Bengali 

6. Bidyut Majumder  - Member Office Assistant